About OnChain ArtWorks

Our team as OnChain ArtWorks got together in the summer of 2020, but it just so happens that by that point we had all known each other for a long time. We've worked together on a lot of creative and commercial projects in different countries. Our projects were in the spheres of design, advertising, branding, illustration, concept art, game design, programming, creating websites, games and apps for iOS.

In general, we have an obscenely diverse list of skills and a big portfolio of creative and commercial projects in all sorts of directions from the corporate sector to personal gallery exhibitions of our team members. If this sounds pretentious and boring to you, it's not. That's why the new project at NFT was a big step to creative freedom for our team, the possibility of implementing interesting ideas without restrictions and in synergy with the crypto community.

Our first onchain collection caused a strong reaction from the community, which was a great motivation for the team. The chosen palettes and the overall vibe of the collection set the vector for the next projects.

An important bonus for our token holders was the collection of avatars created using the same technologies and colors. All of our collections are united by the same idea and will allow the owners to take an honorable place in the future Metaverse of the project.

We are very grateful to the community and our investors who appreciated and supported our little revolution in blockchain ideology.

Our idea was simple - to create an art collection, art that could be packaged and generated in blockchain, i.e. to perfect the idea of NFT, so that no external crutches like picture hosting would be needed.

Thanks to you this page has been turned - Seasides are forever written in the history of NFT.

Now, together with the community, we are developing the Sunset Planet gaming OnChain Universe, which includes all of our NFT collections.

Our project exists at the intersection of technology and art, and we are trying to evolve and move forward using blockchain for creative experimentation.

OnChain Art is for us both an extension of offline creativity and an opportunity to experiment in multiple dimensions at once.

We very much appreciate the privilege of doing creative work with such your support, so the interests of our investors and token holders will always be a priority for us.

Thank you for being with us!